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At Bayview Christian School, our motto is "soaring to excellence" and that is what we strive for academically in all classes, preschool through 12th grade. We use proven, biblically-based Christian curriculum, and uphold a standard of academic excellence.  BCS is one of the top educational institutions on the Eastern Shore. With 85% of all graduates going on to college, BCS carries a reputation of excellence in Christian education. Our roots trace back to a strong foundation upon God’s Word as well as traditional education. From pre-school up we begin our children in the fundamentals of learning and build upon a strong, Christian curriculum.

Grade Scale

The academic grade for students in grades 1-12 is based upon the actual work done on homework, quizzes, tests, etc., and is determined by a 100-point scale:
          98-100           A+
           93-97             A                             73-76             C
           90-92             A-                            70-72             C-
           87-89             B+                           68-69             D+
           83-86             B                             66-67             D
           80-82             B-                              65                D-
           77-79             C+                            0-64              F

The academic grade for students in kindergarten is more subjective in nature and is determined by the teacher:
                        E                          Excellent
                        S+                           Good
                        S                           Average
                        S-              Slightly below Average
                        U                      Unsatisfactory

If you have any questions concerning your child’s grades, behavior, or activities; please contact your child’s teacher.


 We use the A Beka Book curriculum at Bayview Christian School.  Three decades ago, God raised up A Beka Book to provide Christian schools with God-honoring, high-quality textbooks and teaching aids to help each school fulfill the goal of its ministry. The hundreds of traditional Christian educational materials developed by A Beka Book have been developed and refined over a period of 50 years in the classrooms of Pensacola Christian Academy. Christian schools throughout the nation recognize that A Beka Book sets the standard of excellence in the publishing of textbooks and other materials for Christian schools.
    The A Beka Book approach to Christian education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. The materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practicality.  Their skilled researchers and writers do not paraphrase progressive education textbooks and add Biblical principles; they do primary research in every subject and look at the subject from God's point of view. Of course, the most original source is always the Word of God, the only foundation for true scholarship in any area of human endeavor. Thus their publications are built upon the firm foundation of Scriptural truth and are written by dedicated and talented Christian scholars who are well grounded in the practical aspects of classroom teaching. For excellence for your Christian school, you can trust A Beka Book.

scope and sequence

Check out the interactive scope and sequence from Abeka.

Graduation Requirements

The Bayview Christian School meets the requirements set forth by the State of Delaware for graduation from high school.
Bayview Christian School offers a college preparatory course leading to graduation in the twelfth grade.  In addition to state requirements (22 credits), every student must earn one credit per year in Biblical training.
Students must follow the course of study for their grade level as outlined in their class schedule.  This ensures that each student attains as much as possible academically while at Bayview and eliminates problems of meeting graduation requirements during the senior year.  Graduation requirements consist of the following:

        4 credits        Bible (one credit per year enrolled at B.C.S.)
        4 credits        English
         1 credit         American History
         ½ credit         U.S. Government
         ½ credit         Economics
        2 credits        Other History
        3 credits        Science (Chemistry recommended)
         2 credit         Foreign Language (two credits recommended)
        4 credits        Math
         1 credit         Fine Arts
         ½ credit         Health (Family Living)
        2 credits        Physical Education
      3 ½ credits      Electives (total varies during transition)
       28 credits       TOTAL (total varies during transition)

Accreditation and Associations

Our school is a member of the Association of Baptist Church Schools, Delaware Association of Christian Schools and the American Association of Christian Schools which allows BCS to be recognized as an accredited institution by the state and the nation.