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faculty and staff

C. K. White


Pastor C. K. White started Bayview Christian School in 2012. He has been involved in Christian education since 2001.

Josh Fenkart

Principal | Secondary Teacher

Josh Fenkart has worked for Bayview Christian School since 2018. He has been involved in Christian education since 2014.  He is the youth pastor at Bayview Baptist Church. He is also the varsity men's soccer coach. 

Philip Walker

Principal | Secondary Teacher

Brother Phillip Walker trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior at the age of 7. In the 9th grade he felt the Lord calling him into the ministry. In 1978 he graduated from Christian Heritage College with a B.S. degree in Pastoral Theology. Prior to coming to Bayview he served as senior pastor for 33 years, 17 years at Galilee Baptist Church in Stevensville, 14 years at Calvary Baptist Church of Fremont, California and two years at Victory Baptist Church of Newark, California. He has also served as principal for 24 years, choir director for 25 years, bus director, teacher and assistant pastor. He has been married to his college sweetheart, Taunnie Walker for 44 years.

Hannah Fenkart

School Office

Miss Fenkart has worked at BCS since 2019. She is also the secretary for Bayview Baptist Church. 

Tori Price

Preschool  Teacher

Miss Price joined our teaching staff this year. She brings fun and energy to the K3 classroom! 

Rachel Hooker

Preschool  Teacher

Mrs. Rachel Hooker has taught at Bayview Christian School since 2021. She is known for being a fun and compassionate teacher!  

Katie Trader

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Trader has been involved in Christian education since 2016. 

Jessica McIlroy

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Jessica McIlroy has been in Christian education for several years.  She has taught at Bayview Christian School since 2021.  Her students loved her last year and she is excited for the future! 

Lisa Albright

First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Albright is an experienced , caring teacher who also has a burden for special needs students. She has taught at BCS since 2017.

Frances Brown

Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Brown has taught in Christian schools for over 20 years. She has taught at BCS since 2017. 

Amanda Beaudette

Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Beaudette began teaching full time at Bayview Christian School in 2020. She has been involved with BCS for several years, during and after getting her education degree. 

Scott Fenkart

Fourth Grade Teacher

Mr. Fenkart began teaching at BCS in 2021. He is a caring, enthusiastic teacher who has previous Christian school experience. 

Matthew Beaudette

Fifth Grade Teacher

Mr. Beaudette began teaching for Bayview Christian School in 2021. He is known for making learning accessible for his students! 

Justin White

Assistant Principal | Secondary Teacher

Justin White joined the Bayview team in the fall of 2021. He has been serving the LORD since 2005 and has been involved in Christian education since 2012.

Susan Foote

Sixth Grade Teacher

Bio coming soon.

Mallory Humphrey

Jr./Sr. High Teacher

Miss Humphrey has taught at BCS since 2012. She graduated with honors from Hyles Anderson College, and specializes in upper level mathematics and sciences.

Christie Larmore

Jr./Sr. High Teacher

Mrs. Larmore has taught full time at BCS since 2016.  A busy mom of four, she is also the varsity volleyball coach. 

Adam Servin

Jr./Sr. High Teacher

Mr. Servin graduated from Commonwealth Baptist College in 2020. He taught in a Christian school in Michigan last year. We are excited to welcome him to the Bayview team!